Who we are

A New Chapter Begins

We are a global energy company, founded in Australia with a spirit of innovation and determination. We provide energy the world needs to heat and cool homes, keep lights on and enable industry

Our Purpose

Trusted energy partner

In June 2022, Woodside and BHP Petroleum merged to create a new chapter as a global energy company. Our three pillars, oil, gas and new energy, each have a role to play in our future. We are reducing our carbon footprint and we are working on new energy solutions. 


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Our focus

Provide low cost, lower carbon energy the world needs

Our resilient and diversified portfolio will help us thrive through the global energy transition.

  • World-class assets

    Our focus is the safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental performance of our operations, leveraging more than 35 years of experience.

  • Delivering growth

    We have growth opportunities across our three pillars of oil, gas and new energy.

  • Social and economic benefits

    Environmental, social and governance performance is integral to our success.

  • New energy

    We are targeting to invest US$5 billion in new energy products and lower carbon services by 2030.