NWS Project Extension

Transforming the NWS Project into a third-party gas processing facility, enabling the ongoing supply of gas and fluids to domestic and international markets for decades to come.

  • 40 years

    Of operation

  • 6,300+

    LNG cargoes since 1989


NWS Project Extension

The North West Shelf (NWS) Project is WA’s largest producer of domestic gas and has been supplying WA pipeline gas for 40 years.

The NWS Project Extension ensures the ongoing operation of the NWS Project to enable the long-term processing of third-party gas and fluids and North West Shelf Joint Venture field resources through the NWS Project facilities until around 2070.

The NWS Project Extension allows existing gas resources to be developed without the need for constructing new processing facilities, provides ongoing employment and social investment in the region, and supports the transition to a lower carbon future.

EPA Recommendation

On 30 June 2022, the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) released to the public its Report and recommended environmental conditions for the ongoing operations of the NWS Project. The EPA’s Report was open for a three-week public appeal period and closed on 21 July 2022. Appeals will be assessed by the Office of the Appeals Convenor and reported to the Western Australian Minister for Environment for consideration.

Read the EPA's Report

Environmental topics

The North West Shelf Project Extension Draft Environmental Review Document (draft ERD) has been prepared by Woodside Energy Ltd (Woodside), as operator for and on behalf of the North West Shelf Joint Venture (NWSJV). The participants in the NWSJV are BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd, Japan Australia LNG (MIMI) Pty Ltd and Shell Australia Pty Ltd.

The NWS Project Extension Proposal is seeking environmental approval for the:

  • Processing of third party gas and fluid through the existing NWS Project facility; and
  • The ongoing operation of the NWS Project until around 2070.

No additional environmental issues are expected to be associated with the long-term processing of third-party gas and fluids and NWS Joint Venture field resources through the NWS Project facilities. The successful management strategy used for the existing NWS Project will be the basis of ongoing management for the Proposal. Woodside will continue to implement environmental initiatives and review its operations for potential opportunities to reduce its environmental footprint. Woodside is confident that by continuing to implement its current multifaceted management strategy, long-term operation of the plant (as outlined in this Proposal) can occur in a way that is acceptable to WA and the wider community.

Environmental approvals timeline

The NWS Project Extension is seeking primary environmental approval under the WA Environmental Protection Act 1986 and the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conversation Act 1999.

  • Referral Nov 2018

  • Environmental Scoping Document (ESD) Aug 2019

  • Preparing the draft ERD Dec 2019

  • Public comment period Dec 2019

  • Respond to comments via preparation of Response to Submissions document Feb 2020

  • EPA reviews Response to Submissions Nov 2021

  • EPA accepts and publishes proponent’s Response to Submissions Jun 2022

  • State and Federal Ministers’ decision and issuance of conditions

Community engagement

NWS Project Extension Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

Woodside is committed to delivering sustainable social outcomes in the communities where we operate. Woodside regularly reviews the potential impacts and opportunities of its projects and operations on communities. This approach informs management strategies to enhance project benefits and eliminate or minimise potential impacts.

Participating interests

Woodside (operator)33.33%
BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd16.67%
Chevron Australia Pty Ltd   16.67%
Japan Australia LNG (MIMI) Pty Ltd16.67%
Shell Australia Pty Ltd16.67%