Community concerns

Woodside’s community grievance framework provides for the prompt and respectful receipt, investigation of and response to complaints from community members affected by our activities.

We have localised community grievance mechanisms, based on the framework, for our key areas of activity. These mechanisms are available for community members who consider themselves affected by Woodside’s activities. 

Our community grievance mechanism in Senegal is available in English and French has been adapted to enable community members to contact us directly or through another third party.

When a grievance is raised under the community grievance mechanism, we will acknowledge the receipt of the grievance with the complainant within two business days. We will endeavour to respond to the complainant with a proposed resolution within five to ten business days. If the complainant accepts the proposed resolution, the agreed actions will be implemented. If we are unable to agree on a resolution with the complainant, the case may be escalated for review and final decision.

Community grievances can be raised with Woodside through a variety of channels, including:

  • The online form on this webpage
  • Phone 1800 442 977
  • Send a letter to Woodside's head office or regional offices
  • Email via [email protected]
  • Via EthicsPoint

 Grievances can be raised anonymously. Where contact details are provided, we will not tolerate any form of adverse action being taken against an individual or community that raises a grievance in good faith.

Woodside does not require, and has not in any past case required, affected individuals or communities to permanently waive their legal rights to bring a claim through a judicial process as a condition of participating in our grievance mechanisms.

Woodside would provide reasonable cooperation and seek to participate constructively in the event a claim was brought against us through a state-based non-judicial grievance mechanism. Our internal processes should not undermine legal processes nor attempt to supplant Commonwealth law. If there is a case of impediment for stakeholders accessing judicial and non-judicial processes, Corporate Affairs will work with the team concerned on an appropriate response.

In the event of any state-based non-judicial grievance mechanism complaints being brought against it, Woodside would provide reasonable cooperation in the matter and any associated investigation. Wherever possible, Woodside would seek to participate in non-judicial grievance mechanisms provided by the state to resolve the complaint.

Grievance mechanism

We welcome grievances from members of our host communities.

Please share details below. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

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