From the first LNG plant in the southern hemisphere, to the world’s largest not-normally crewed offshore platform, Woodside has long been a leader in applying oil and gas technologies.

Now, we are taking the industry to new frontiers by adopting and developing innovations that build on our strengths - yet challenge our thinking.

Woodside Energy and Rice announce a new Decarbonisation Accelerator for Houston

It was standing room only at the Ion, the centre of Houston’s innovation district, for the official launch of the Woodside-Rice Decarbonisation Accelerator. Houston is just as excited as we are about our most recent technology collaboration! Woodside Energy and Rice University executives received a capacity crowd at the Ion, spanning industry, government, and academia, for the official launch of the Woodside-Rice Decarbonisation Accelerator (the Accelerator) in January of this year. We’re proud to be contributing US$12.5 million to this initiative over the next five years with an aim to bring breakthrough decarbonisation technology from Rice labs to market.

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Coating benefits spread far and wide

We seek out opportunities to improve our business performance through innovative thinking and applying technologies developed outside our industry. We recently became a foundation buyer in Australia for a two-part epoxy coating called Humidur. Find out how we use this product.

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Woodside supports a new research centre in Western Australia

In partnership with The University of Western Australia (UWA) and Chevron, we launched the Centre for Long Subsea Tiebacks at UWA. The Centre will drive research into new subsea engineering technologies for offshore oil and gas production and maintain Western Australia's competitiveness in the LNG market.

How we work

Innovation enables us to discover, develop and test ideas and solutions that can improve the way we work across our entire business. 

Innovative thinking shapes everything we do at Woodside, from the design of our facilities to the commercial arrangements that underpin them, and the way we and our joint venture partners interact with others in resource development.

It's about doing more than building a better workplace or industry sector. Through our collaborative partnerships, we also help build society's collective knowledge and develop the workforce of the future.