Suppliers Reporting

Access to Karratha Local Jobs and Indigenous Engagement Reporting Portal for current suppliers and contractors.

Supporting the community

Karratha Local Jobs

Local jobs and growing the population are priorities for Woodside’s key host community - the City of Karratha, located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. That’s why we support this online jobs portal. This portal is for residents in the City of Karratha - and people willing to become residents - to access employment opportunities on Woodside-operated facilities or on Woodside projects in Karratha. We’re also advertising local jobs on offer in the City of Karratha. We’re proud to be a part of this community, which is a great place for families to live and work.
Supplier diversity

Indigenous Engagement

Together with our suppliers, Woodside awarded 53 new contracts to Indigenous businesses in 2020, a cumulative total of 461. These contracts contributed to the 124% increase in total contracts awarded since 2016.

Our 2021–2025 RAP “Raising the Bar” continues to build on Woodsides commitment to reconciliation.  Formed around the pillars of relationships, respect and opportunities, Woodsides fourth RAP brings stronger clarity and focus to our reconciliation commitments. 

Outcomes are measured by year-on-year improvement in contract and aggregate employment totals across Woodside, suppliers, community partners and other contributors.