Domestic gas supplied to Western Australia

Woodside is a significant supplier of domestic gas in WA

  • 3787 petajoules

    Domestic gas supplied to WA since 1984


Woodside doesn’t provide its fair share of domestic gas.


Woodside has been supplying reliable, competitively priced domestic gas to Western Australia since 1984. 

As at December 2022, we had produced 3787 petajoules (PJ) of domestic gas, equivalent to 38% of our exported liquefied natural gas (LNG) volumes.

Woodside’s Scarborough Energy Project will add up to 225 terajoules per day (Tj/d) of new domestic capacity into WA, with first gas expected in 2026. 

Woodside acts in accordance with the commitments in our domestic gas agreements with the Government of Western Australia.