Data Science

Since establishing a foundation data science and cognitive intelligence team in 2015, we have made rapid progress.

Since establishing a foundation data science and cognitive intelligence team in 2015, we have made rapid progress.

Our journey started with our collaboration with IBM to introduce Watson deep learning artificial intelligence platforms throughout our business. Watson responds to queries from our people, rapidly sifting, sorting and surfacing decades of data and company knowledge.

In deploying a dozen Watson systems, we identified a need for a system that could work across, and outside them. Sometimes, it may not be clear which system holds the information we need, or related information lives in a number of systems. This led to Woodside developing our very own cognitive assistant, Willow.

Our data science team also works directly with asset engineering and operations to build a range of statistical and analytics tools, using live streaming data from our facilities. The Maximum Possible Production tool Pluto LNG uses to compare current and historical performance is now being trialled at North West Shelf Project facilities.

Developments in cognitive intelligence are creating new careers in oil and gas and presenting new opportunities for established trades.

From deeper insights, we can make better decisions.

We are pioneering the application of advanced analytics and cognitive computing in our operations to leverage our collective knowledge for excellence. Our collaborative partnership with IBM has seen us deploy a dozen Watson systems throughout our business, ingesting the equivalent of over 600,000 A4 pages. Watson allows any employee to submit queries that drill down quickly and accurately to the most relevant and valuable insights.

Wins for Watson for HSEQ

Our Watson for HSEQ tool has been recognised as a key part of our recent improvements in process safety.

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years of our health and safety data ingested by Watson
80 %
reduction in time taken to analyse safety incident information

Willow, the next chapter

We have created our own virtual assistant called Willow. Using simple, natural language voice or text commands, Willow will search all Woodside systems and data reserves, drawing relevant answers from our 64-year history. In seconds, Willow can search millions of files for relevant information that might otherwise take days, weeks or even months to find.

People continue to play a key role in our cognitive and articifial intelligence work, as Willow learns with each interaction and piece of feedback from staff.