Woodside’s Australian portfolio consists of operated and non-operated oil and gas projects across Australia. Woodside’s international portfolio includes assets in the US Gulf of Mexico, Africa and the Caribbean with embedded growth options.

Founded in Australia with a spirit of innovation and determination

In 1954, a small group of explorers began drilling for oil, near a Victorian town called Woodside, in the Gippsland Basin. In the early 1970s, we discovered major offshore gas fields in Western Australia. In 1984, we commissioned the North West Shelf, Australia’s largest ever resources project. And in 1989, we exported Australia’s first cargo of LNG.

We have a portfolio of quality assets and more than 35 years of safe and reliable operating experience. Our recently expanded global portfolio includes quality operational assets in the Gulf of Mexico (US) and Trinidad and Tobago.


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Pluto LNG

One of the world's most technologically advanced LNG production facilities.

North West Shelf Project

Landmark development that launched the LNG industry in Australia.


Macedon is an offshore gas field located approximately 75km west of Onslow, Western Australia.


The Shenzi conventional oil and gas field is located approximately 195km off the coast of Louisiana in the Green Canyon protraction area, Gulf of Mexico. 

Greater Angostura

The Greater Angostura field is an offshore conventional oil and gas field located 38km northeast of Trinidad.



The Sangomar Field Development Phase 1 is Senegal's first oil project and achieved first oil in June 2024. The Sangomar field (formerly the SNE field), containing both oil and gas, is located 100 kilometres south of Dakar. Work on the Sangomar Field Development commenced in early 2020. The Sangomar Joint Venture is committed to ensuring local businesses can participating in the development of the Sangomar field.