2017.11.15 - WOODSIDE - PLUTO LNG PLANT -84

Intelligent Assets & Robotics

We are integrating remote support, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics across our operations.

We have proven, reliable plants that we can now transform into smart plants. We are installing a data-driven digital nerve system at our facilities to enable better decisions and avoid disruptions.

As we look to upgrade the Pluto LNG and North West Shelf Project facilities to support our growth vision, we have an opportunity to integrate advanced technologies and new ways of generating power that were not available when these plants were built.

Our established capabilities in remote operations give us a strong foundation to integrate technologies like sensors, robotics, data storage, analytics and machine learning into our facilities. 

Our work in intelligent assets and robotics is grounded in clear objectives: to improve our base business, accelerate our growth projects and bring new opportunities to our people.

We want to enable the best thinkers from inside and outside our company to work together.

We're known for our innovative collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) agency, where we have access to one of eight Robonaut 2 anthropomorphic systems in the world for a five-year program. The Robonaut is being used to test initial ideas from operators, engineers and maintenance workers to make their tasks safer and more efficient. These ideas are further trialled on our assets, using our own fleet of remotely-operated robots.

Sensing the future

Through our collaboration with Innovation Central in Perth, we are prototyping low-cost, wireless, advanced sensors to feed real-time data from our facilities to our analytics platforms. We believe these sensors have the potential to improve decisions through delivering timely information, while making our operating environments even safer for our people.

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Robotics site trials in 2018

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