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We believe collaborative innovation is the key to future growth. And that's the premise of Woodside FutureLab.
FutureLab helps us bridge the gap between ‘business as usual’ and ‘business as possible’ and turn bold ideas into better.

FutureLab is a community of exceptional thinkers and innovators that work together to accelerate growth for better ways of working, a better workplace, and a better world, and created shared value across industries. We do this by enabling and facilitating collaborative innovation through a range of activities, drawing out new ways of thinking, connecting experts with blue-sky thinkers, creating new knowledge through research, and driving technology breakthroughs.

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4 FutureLab hubs
established at research organisations across Australia
Over 50 innovation campaigns
facilitated through our FutureLab Exchange platform.

FutureLab Exchange

FutureLab Exchange (FLEX) is a place to connect with others in the FutureLab network to problem-solve today's challenges and develop solutions for a better tomorrow.

FLEX crowdsources ideas and tracks the thought processes of contributors and provides unparalleled exposure to experts and key figures across business and academia and can help you uncover new and exciting information.

Whether you’re looking for a bold idea or wanting to innovate, FLEX is the tool for you.

Woodside FutureLab Flex

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If you have a challenge that you think FutureLab can help you solve, contact the team to get started: [email protected]