Our stakeholders

Woodside seeks to apply a consistent approach to stakeholder engagement, focused on meaningful discussions.


Woodside seeks to apply a consistent approach to stakeholder engagement, focused on meaningful discussions

Insights from our engagements, continue to inform our approach and help us manage potential impacts as well as understand stakeholder interests, expectations and opportunities for shared outcomes.

StakeholderHow we listenWhat mattersWhat we do
  • Regular engagements to manage delivery of natural gas liquids, LNG, new energy and domestic gas
  • Proactive engagement to understand short-, medium- and long-term needs
  • In country representatives with marketing offices in various locations
  • Reliable and safe product delivery
  • Production and operational risks management
  • Production quality and cost
  • Health and safety performance including shipping and transportation operations
  • Working sustainably
  • Focus on safe and reliable operations and transportation
  • Develop projects to meet customers’ energy needs, including new energy opportunities
  • Deliver safe, reliable and efficient supply arrangements tailored to customer requirements
  • Regular feedback sessions, performance reviews and personal development plans
  • Our Voice culture and engagement surveys
  • Regular CEO and Executive Leadership Team employee engagement
  • Group and team townhalls and team meetings
  • Feeling engaged and being enabled to do their job
  • Being able to bring their whole self to work, embracing diversity and demonstrating inclusion
  • Regular performance feedback
  • Career development opportunities
  • Fostering a values led organisational culture that optimises performance
  • Health and safety performance, including mental health and wellbeing
  • Our Values as our culture and behavioural guide
  • Ongoing employee health, safety and wellbeing initiatives
  • Annual staff briefing with the CEO and senior executives
  • Electronic communications
Investors, banks and rating agencies
  • Regular meetings with investor representatives, banks and rating agencies
  • Optimise value and shareholder returns
  • Management of financial and non-financial risks
  • High-quality corporate governance
  • Climate, risk management
  • Health and safety performance
  • Investor briefings
  • Full year and half year results briefings
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Announcements to the Australian Securities Exchange, London Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange
Joint venture participants
  • Regular meetings with joint venture representatives
  • Participation in business reviews and audits
  • Health and safety management
  • Reliability of supply, product quality, cost and delivery
  • Environment and social impact management, including greenhouse gas management; and social investment; engagement with First Nations communities
  • Advocacy to government and regulatory compliance
Work collaboratively to:
  • Safely deliver operations and growth
  • Protect reputation and manage risk
  • Identify and engage with stakeholders
First Nations communities
  • Relationship building with First Nations representative groups through formal and informal engagements
  • Maintain accessibility for open and regular communication with First Nations stakeholders
  • Regular cultural heritage meetings
  • Input into social impact assessments and community perception surveys
  • Community grievance mechanism
  • Participation and engagement at community events
  • Engagement with representative bodies
  • Community forums on specific issues
  • Detailed consultation on projects and activities
  • Heritage surveys and on country fieldwork
  • Local social media channels
  • Local employment and contracting opportunities
  • Economic benefits
  • Cultural heritage management
  • Cost of living and potential impacts on local services
  • Cultural safety
  • Climate resilience and risk management
  • Environmental impacts
  • Cultural impacts
  • Social investment
  • We work to ensure cultural heritage management is thorough, transparent and underpinned by consultation and ongoing continued engagement
  • Commit to avoiding damage or disturbance to cultural heritage and values of land and sea and, if avoidance is not possible, minimising and mitigating the impacts, in close consultation with First Nations communities
  • Implement Reconciliation Action Plan commitments
  • Develop and implement First Nations Land Use and Relationship agreements
  • Partner and engage with First Nations communities to create positive economic, social and cultural outcomes
  • Ensure the voices, views and aspirations of First Nations communities are heard and understood within Woodside
  • Being guided by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Organise cultural awareness training
  • Support training and education and career pathways
Local communities
  • Regular community meetings
  • Community perception surveys
  • Social Impact Assessments
  • Community grievance mechanism
  • Community events and information sessions
  • Local social media channels
  • Local employment and contracting opportunities
  • Economic benefits
  • Social Investment
  • Cost of living and potential impacts on local services
  • Construction impacts
  • Regular community consultations
  • Local jobs portal and suppliers’ forums
  • Targeted social investment programs
  • Monitor community and stakeholder sentiment
  • Monitor community social indicators
Local, state and national governments
  • Ongoing dialogue with regulators, government agencies and a broad range of political stakeholders
  • Engage with and respond to Government policy and issue specific consultation processes in a constructive manner
  • Active participation in policy development and review either directly or through our industry associations
  • Creating and maintaining jobs and managing cost of living pressures
  • Delivering local opportunities and economic benefits and Government revenue
  • Supplying affordable and reliable domestic gas
  • Strong financial performance concurrent with responsible development, operations and decommissioning
  • Proactively managing environmental, cultural heritage and social impacts
  • Evidencing that we are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions
  • Regulatory compliance across all areas of our business
  • Transparency
  • Regular engagement with all levels of government in support of operations, developments, new energy and decommissioning opportuinties
  • Direct submissions to state and national governments’ consultation processes
  • Contribute to domestic and international industry association activities and advocacy
  • Adhoc engagement with political parties in support of our business strategy to exchange information and to constructively inform policy development and decision making
  • Targeted development and distribution of communications material to political stakeholders to build knowledge of our sector broadly and company specifically
Non-government organisations
  • Input into social and environmental impact assessments
  • Consultation as part of environmental approvals
  • Regular participation in industry forums and associations
  • Face to face meetings
  • Respond to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions management
  • Environmental impacts
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Transparency
  • Human rights
  • Engagement on growth projects
  • Commitment to international climate initiatives and reporting frameworks
  • Participation in environmental research
  • Participation in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
  • Actively engage in the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights
Suppliers and contractors
  • Supplier networking events and Contractor Forums
  • Workshops with local business networks
  • Regular reciprocal supplier performance reviews
  • Tender debrief and feedback sessions
  • Embedded supplier relationship management with our tier one suppliers
  • Supply opportunities for growth projects
  • Sustainable long-term opportunities beyond Construction phase into Operations
  • Health and safety
  • On time payment of invoices
  • Visibility of work plans and look ahead
  • Supporting First Nations and local contractors
  • Collaborate to deliver tangible safety improvements
  • Provide supplier forums for growth projects
  • Implementation of invoice payment cycle time improvements
  • Increased visibility and sharing of forward work plans
  • Collaborate to ensure First Nations engagement outcomes
  • Support programs to develop local business capacity and capability
  • Local Content Manager now based in Karratha to support local and Indigenous First Nations supplier development and increase visibility on opportunities available.