Woodside - Mia Yellagonga-46 [Image by Jarrad Seng]

Our culture

We pride ourselves on our inclusive, high-performing culture.

We know great results come from people feeling valued and getting the support they need to reach their full potential.


No matter your professional and personal background, we offer supportive pathways to leadership, growth and achievement at Woodside.
Woodside is reshaping the way we imagine and deliver leadership development: We want our leaders (technical and generalist) at all levels to experience meaningful and practical development as they progress through our leadership tiers. Critical to our development program is the learner experience, coming from relevant, quality content and dynamic delivery methods.
Our clearly outlined learning programs, policies, leadership frameworks, technical competencies and development tools encourage our people to build on their individual strengths and motives to create their future.
Our success is driven by our people, so we aim to attract, develop and retain a diverse, high-performing workforce.


Everything we do is guided by the Woodside Compass.

The Woodside Compass defines the fundamental values that make our people Woodsiders: Respect, Ownership, Sustainability, Working Together, Integrity and Courage. 

Inclusion and Diversity

Woodside is an increasingly inclusive and diverse company. We want all Woodsiders to feel safe in bringing their whole selves to work and confident they will get a fair go.

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32.7 %
Company-wide female representation
Indigenous employees

Our employee community groups


The Woodside employee community groups are an important way our people build our culture, while developing their skills. The groups have an active role to play with formal committees leading the group developing the annual strategies, plans and budgets for activities and events. 

We have five employee-led Diversity Network Groups which are dedicated to building inclusion - increasing trust, respect and belonging so that everyone can bring their whole selves to work.

We are confident that every team member will find at least one community they can get involved in.