Subsea and Pipelines Engineering

The Subsea and Pipelines (SSPL) function manages Woodside’s extensive network of subsea and pipeline infrastructure.

A Subsea and Pipelines engineer (SSPL) supports all phases of asset life cycle, from assessing development opportunities, to executing projects and operating and maintaining producing assets. 

As a graduate engineer in the SSPL function, you will be exposed to all the technical disciplines within subsea and pipelines engineering, involved in activities including project management, engineering, construction and technical support to operations.

As a Subsea and Pipelines engineer with Woodside, you will be faced with many unique and interesting challenges, which may include working in deep water with remotely operated vehicles, managing asset integrity with high pressure and temperature well stream fluids, or working with new and emerging technologies in the subsea market.

Your Experience

Ideal Subsea and Pipelines engineering candidates will enjoy working independently when required and are unique problem solvers. If you have a Bachelors or Masters degree in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a background in science, a career as a Subsea and Pipelines engineer may interest you.

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