Security and Emergency Management

As a graduate in S&EM, you will receive broad company exposure and the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of Woodside's efforts to build and maintain business resilience - against foreseen and unforeseen events.

Through developing plans and procedures, delivering training and exercises, and interpreting a range of data types, you will assist with improving and streamlining business processes associated with prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR).

S&EM coordinates and maintains PPRR performance with Woodside-operated and non-operated facilities by drawing on internal capabilities, as well as maintaining meaningful relationships with our external stakeholders.  

By helping develop and maintain visual performance management tools, you will enable the S&EM team to communicate with a range of stakeholders and prioritise workloads to ensure the needs of the business are met.

You will also develop knowledge in international security, be trained in measures to prevent fraud and corruption, and learn how to apply risk methodology - including facilitating risk assessment workshops and associated processes.