Petroleum (Reservoir) Engineering

As a graduate petroleum engineer, you will combine the latest computing and data science technology with traditional engineering techniques, mathematics, physics, and geoscience to estimate how much oil and/or gas could be recovered from our reservoirs. This work supports the key investment decisions that shape Woodside’s future.

If you’re interested in a Petroleum (reservoir) Engineering career with Woodside, you will work with other technical experts in supportive teams across the full breadth of oil and gas exploration, development, and production. The work may involve evaluating exciting exploration opportunities or planning reservoir appraisal programs. You could plan and design the best wells to deliver maximum future production and revenue to Woodside. Working as part of a large project team, you could help place complex wells deep into our reservoirs.

You may be involved in the continuous monitoring of one of our producing fields, looking to maximise daily flow rates to deliver the oil and gas that supplies our local and global markets. In this role you will look for opportunities to recover more oil and gas from our fields, updating reservoir simulation models and supporting the business in their choices for investment dollars.

Throughout your time as a Petroleum (reservoir) Engineering graduate, you will be encouraged to travel to our operating sites, including offshore installations in Australia and abroad, to gain firsthand operations experience in process, production, and drilling. Working together with drilling and completions, geoscience, data science and technology, subsea and pipelines, commercial and other corporate disciplines will enhance your career development.

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