Digital, Information Management, Information Technology and Information Systems

As a graduate in Woodside’s Digital function, you will be dedicated to delivering and supporting a broad expanse of information technology solutions and providing key information management services that enable Woodside’s business to operate.

Roles are challenging and diverse,  encompassing opportunities within the information technology, data science and information management disciplines.

Opportunities include analysis and design, application development, infrastructure provisioning (including cloud), cyber security, business intelligence and data visualisation, and enterprise content management. In data science, the focus is on developing state-of-the-art analytics and using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to extract value from our data.

During the graduate program, you will rotate through different areas and have the opportunity to work on a range of projects that expose you to Woodside's business and real-world challenges. While working in Digital, you will have opportunities to develop your skills in design thinking and agile project methodology to deliver innovative solutions. You will work individually and in high-performing, cross-functional teams. 

Graduates from a wide range of courses, including computer science, information technology, information systems, engineering, commerce, business, science and mathematics should consider a role within Digital, as we seek to develop individuals with diverse skill sets and a strong business and customer focus.

Jake, one of our current Digital graduates, shares what he enjoys about working at Woodside: