Angel CCS Project

The proposed Angel CCS project is a large-scale multi-user carbon, capture and storage (CCS) hub with the potential to help Australian and international customers decarbonise.

  • 5 MTPA

    Up to 5 million tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions reduction

  • Decarbonisation opportunity

    Potential to help Australian and international customers decarbonise

  • 2023

    Concept definition commenced in 2023

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The Angel Carbon Capture and Storage Joint Venture, of which Woodside is Operator, has identified the opportunity for a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in the North-West region of Western Australia.

The proposed Angel CCS Project involves the development of a carbon dioxide (CO2 ) gathering system, collecting CO2  via new pipelines from emitters on shore or through imported options via ships. Collected CO2 would be transported to a central compression facility prior to being transported offshore via subsea pipeline and injected into the subsea geological formation.