We pay our taxes

We're a global energy company, founded in Australia and a significant taxpayer, globally recognised for our approach to tax.

A significant taxpayer

In 2021, Woodside paid A$333 million in Australian corporate income tax, and a further A$325 million in other taxes and royalties.

We're a significant taxpayer in Australia, where our producing assets are located and more than 95% of our taxes are paid. Paying taxes due under law is one of the ways we support our social licence to operate. We actively participate in several global ESG rating indices and our approach to tax is included within the leading group, relative to our industry peers.

Our approach to tax
Woodside is committed to maintaining open and constructive relationships with our tax policy setters and administrators, both domestic and foreign. We recognise the need to be open, transparent and accountable to maintain the trust of our stakeholders.
We pay our taxes
Woodside has paid more than A$11 billion in Australian taxes and royalties since 2011. In 2021 Woodside paid A$658 million to the Australian Commonwealth and State governments.


Our Australian tax contribution

We pay our taxes, as and when due, in compliance with the law.

Like all Australian businesses, we are subject to, report on and pay Corporate Income Tax (CIT). However as an energy producer in Australia a number of other taxes also apply, such as Federal Royalties, Federal Excise and Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT). 

The majority of Woodside’s revenues are from the sale of hydrocarbons from our producing assets located in Australia, and as a result Woodside pays more than 95% of its taxes in Australia. 

Our Australian Tax Contribution over the last 5 years is presented in the data table.

Our corporate income tax paid per country

Woodside also conducts business outside of Australia and as a result pays CIT in other jurisdictions. As disclosed in our Annual Report 2021 (p. 98) Woodside paid a total amount of US$ 271 million in 2021. This is further detailed on a country-by-country basis in the data table to the right. 

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Australian Tax Office releases 2019-20 Report of entity tax information

The data reported in the Australian Tax Office (ATO) 2019-20 Report of entity tax information shows that in respect of the financial year ended 30 June 2020, three Woodside corporate entities had combined taxable income of A$3.1 billion and income tax payable of A$454 million.

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