We pay our taxes

We are a global energy company, founded in Australia and a significant taxpayer.

A significant taxpayer

Woodside has paid more than A$18 billion in Australian taxes and royalties since 2011.

We are a proudly Australian company, recognised as an industry leader in tax transparency and among the country’s largest taxpayers.

Our approach to tax
Woodside is committed to maintaining open and constructive relationships with our tax policy setters and administrators, both domestic and foreign. We recognise the need to be open, transparent and accountable to maintain the trust of our stakeholders.


Our Australian tax contribution

The majority of our core producing assets are located in Australia where we generate most of our revenue and therefore pay the majority of our taxes.

Our Australian tax contribution over the last 5 years to 2022 is presented in the data table. This table formed part of the Sustainable Development Report. 

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Foreign tax contribution

As a global energy company, we have activities in a number of jurisdictions around the world. We comply with the tax laws and regulations applicable to our business.

Our 2022 non-Australian taxes, royalties and production entitlements paid is presented in the data table. 

Australian Taxation Office 2021-22 Report of entity tax information

The ATO’s data release (November 2023) will highlight that Woodside pays income tax and PRRT.

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Woodside releases 2022 Payments to Governments Report

Our strong 2022 financial performance has enabled us to pay US$2.2 billion to governments around the world. We are proud of this substantial contribution to government revenues. It demonstrates that when Woodside performs well, the countries we operate in benefit significantly too.

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