Employee Impact Groups

Woodside Employee Impact Groups

Employee Impact Groups

Employee-led groups have a strong history of providing connections, support, advocacy, building capabilities and influencing change. These groups have had a lasting and valued impact for our people and are recognised for their critical role in building an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Employees Driving Gender Equity

EDGE is a community who are committed to lifting the bar on gender equity and inclusion.

Advocates for LGBTIQA+ inclusion

Vibe fosters an inclusive culture, explicitly understood and protected, in which everyone feels safe to bring their whole selves to work, regardless of sexuality or gender identity.

Advocates for Different Abilities and Personal Traits

ADAPT’s goal is to support employees with bodies and minds of different kinds to realise their full potential at work while creating an inclusive environment.

Woodside Reconciliation Community (Australian - based)

WRC's mission is to enable all Woodsiders to be change agents supporting improved outcomes for Indigenous Australians, to the benefit of all Australia.

Employees Beyond Race (US - based)

The purpose of EmBRace is to develop a culture of racial equity and provide a safe space for BIPOC employees and allies.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (Australian - based)

CALD aims to maximise the value of individuals & Woodside through diversity of culture, faith, language, ethnicity and race.

Environment, Social and Governance (US - based)

Develop a culture that advances awareness and understanding of the significance of Environment, Social, and Governance themes on professional and personal development.

Woodside Energy Climate Awareness Network (Australian - based)

Woodsiders understand the complexities of the climate challenge, are empowered to speak up and contribute to real solutions.