Case Study: Developing Waste Management Capability in Senegal

Case Study - Developing waste management capability in Senegal

Management of waste from the Sangomar Development in Senegal is a focus area to ensure potential health, safety, environmental and social impacts are minimised. The waste management approach for Sangomar also considers minimising the pressure on existing waste facilities in Senegal, while still providing economic opportunities from local waste recycling and treatment.

Woodside has partnered with a local company that has constructed a new waste facility in Dakar to help address the limited options for waste disposal and treatment in Senegal and provide a site to prepare waste for recycling with local companies. Groundworks commenced in February 2022 and the site has now been commissioned with the required facilities to handle waste including a water treatment plant, plastic shredder, high-temperature incinerator and designated waste sorting and storage areas. Minor construction activities are ongoing to further improve the capacity of the site.

Local recycling outlets have been identified for most recyclable waste streams and we are regularly monitoring the local waste market to support our activities in Senegal.

A strong environment culture has also been established offshore on the drill ships. The continual focus on correct waste segregation has ensured that recyclable waste streams were able to be easily sorted for recycling onshore.

Waste treatment facility in Dakar, Senegal.