Woodside statement on activism

Woodside is building a lower carbon business and we want to be part of an honest conversation about Australia’s energy needs now and into the future. 

Unfortunately, in Australia there have been protest activities targeted at companies and in public spaces. 

Woodside condemns unlawful acts that are intended to threaten, harm, intimidate or disrupt our employees or any other member of the community going about their daily lives.  

We believe these actions should be met with the full force of the law. 

It is misleading for extreme groups to describe their activities as “harmless”. Recent incidents have had deliberate direct impacts on people and risk community safety, with a range of harmful consequences. 

Releasing potentially dangerous substances, illegally entering operational areas or offshore facilities and defacing art in public galleries is against the law.  

Such actions are a burden on the emergency services whose job it is to keep us safe, and unnecessarily impact the everyday lives of Western Australians.  

We encourage all people genuinely interested in climate action to condemn these actions. They merely serve as a distraction from the global challenge of decarbonisation. 

Woodside fully supports respectful debate, including in relation to complex challenges like climate change.