Business 10 Dec 2020

Woodside Paid A$583 Million in Corporate Tax for 2018-19

Woodside is a proud Australian company and a significant taxpayer. We have paid more than A$10 billion in Australian taxes and royalties over the decade to 2020.

Woodside’s Australian corporate income tax is paid by three entities: our 90%-owned Burrup Facilities Company Pty Ltd and Burrup Train 1 Pty Ltd, which reflect the joint ventures we operate; and Woodside Petroleum Ltd.

The data reported in the Australian Tax Office (ATO) 2018-19 Report of entity tax information shows that in respect of the financial year ended 30 June 2019, the three Woodside corporate entities had combined taxable income of A$3.9 billion and income tax payable of A$583 million.

In addition to the ATO data, Woodside reports its Australian tax contributions for the previous calendar year on a cash paid basis.

In 2019, Woodside paid A$447 million in Australian corporate income tax and a further A$290 million in other taxes and royalties.

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