Careers 26 Jun 2023

Woodside apprentices say career path is set

Two Pilbara high school graduates say being offered a Woodside Energy apprenticeship has set their career path up, for life.

"I had just landed in Bali when I received the phone call that I’d got the apprenticeship – I was so excited I dropped my bags, I was shaking the whole way through the airport."  Jackson Byrne - Electrical Instrumentation Apprentice at Woodside Energy 

Two Pilbara high school graduates say being offered a Woodside Energy apprenticeship has set their career path up, for life.  

Jackson Byrne, a former Karratha Senior High School student, says he was always set on becoming an industrial electrician and had planned to apply for a Woodside apprenticeship since he was in year 10.   

Jackson spent two years doing work experience at local businesses, including a vacation employment program, to gain significant electrical site exposure.  

"I really like working with my hands, electricity is cool and interesting, needs problem-solving and I wanted to do something that engages the brain," says Jackson.  

In his Electrical Instrumentation apprenticeship, Jackson will receive on-the-job training across Karratha Gas Plant and Pluto LNG Park.  "It means everything – I get a qualification, to work in a place where I’m going to learn so much, there’s good people, good companies - Programmed & Woodside. It will set me up for the rest of my life – either if I get a job for Woodside or end up somewhere else with the qualification," says Jackson.  

A second high school graduate from St Luke's College, Ben Thompson, says his Woodside apprenticeship as a Mechanical Fitter has given him guaranteed work and a clear picture of his future.  

"I was looking for options out there and felt school wasn’t as beneficial for me, and lots of people had recommended the Woodside apprenticeship," says Ben.  

Ben's training will focus on DOMGAS at KGP, gaining an in-depth knowledge of technical equipment, precision measuring, machine maintenance and learning how the plant works and operates.  

Both also agree a big bonus of their apprenticeships means they’re able to live and work in Karratha to ensure their love of fishing, camping and local footy, continues into their future. 

Jackson and Ben will receive regular training and assessment at TAFE as they work toward attaining their trade certificate. 

They are also two of 40 new apprentices and trainees to start work at Woodside this year. 

Woodside is committed to providing jobs and training opportunities for local youth and helping them gain the skills needed for future careers in the sector. 

Woodside employed 40 trainees and apprentices in 2023.  In line with our commitment to inclusion and diversity, 37% were female and 60% were indigenous.