News 30 Sep 2020

Safe action

An initiative devised to acknowledge our health, safety and environment (HSE) successes illustrates the many engaging ways Woodsiders are showing HSE leadership.

The aim is to ensure HSE recognition is consistent and visible, and the change addresses an area for improvement identified in a company-wide safety perception survey.

“We had some really valuable feedback in 2018, which led to the introduction of a company-wide HSE recognition framework to better connect our people, create consistency and continue to strengthen our safety culture,” says Vice President HSE Debbie Morrow.

Every six months, divisional leadership teams will put forward a nomination which ExCom will review before selecting the recipient of each half-yearly Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Recognition.

Debbie continues: “Every HSE contribution is valuable and it’s important we recognise the great work being done. No matter what role you are in, you can make a difference.”

And she notes Woodsiders should be proud of the varied and engaging ways they show HSE leadership, as demonstrated by the inaugural nominees for the CEO HSE Recognition.

While divisional nominations are the penultimate step in the new framework, recognition ascends from teams up through functions. In the first half of 2020 the richness of contributions made the selection process difficult for leadership teams.

Meg O’Neill, Executive Vice President Development and Marketing, reflects: “In our division, we had great diversity in the nominations – from technical improvement to profound individual leadership which supported our people through COVID-19.

“It was difficult to select our divisional nomination and it was even more challenging to place my vote for the CEO recognition – celebrating all of our nominees and sharing their stories is key to our new framework.”

The nominees and their outstanding contributions to HSE in H1 2020 were announced in early August.

In Operations, John Trend from HSE was nominated for developing an organisation-wide approach to physical and mental wellbeing for Woodsiders and their families. The framework, commended as best-in-class, was adopted nationally by the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) and Safer Together.

In Finance and Commercial, graduate Tia Nguyen was nominated for motivating her division’s involvement in the 30-day wellbeing challenge to encourage positive action at a time many were working remotely.

In Corporate and Legal, Bruce Towie was nominated for his role in leadership and coordination of people and activities in support of the COVID Temporary Operating Model.

In the former Marketing, Trading and Shipping Division, Verity Wilson worked with various stakeholders to improve processes and controls to address an issue of depressurisation of domgas system that had been identified in previous turnarounds.

In Development, Neil Maxfield engaged the Project function with motivational messages – every day for two months.

Technology’s Darren Shanahan and Lionel Pierson implemented a novel fire deluge nozzle strainer to prevent blockage by pipe contaminants.

And in People and Global Capability, the global mobility team was nominated for successfully mobilising international assignees in response to COVID-19.

During the virtual Employee Forum, CEO Peter Coleman commended John for his contribution within and outside Woodside by awarding him the 1H 2020 HSE recognition.

“I felt humbled and surprised,” John says. “Delivering the wellbeing framework was a massive team effort.”

Debbie says she hopes the recognition framework will become a valuable addition to Woodside’s endeavours to achieve a Perfect HSE Day, every day.

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