News 11 Dec 2018

Mia Yellagonga, Woodside's new home

Woodside’s move to Mia Yellagonga means not only a new physical space but a new way of working.

Woodside’s move to Mia Yellagonga means not only a new physical space but a new way of working.

Our move to Mia Yellagonga brings with it the opportunity to expand how we interact with the library and its services, for example, and its new name 'Knowledge Zone' reflects this change.

 “It’s a name that broadens the definition of what will be available in the space,” explains Kendra Mulatz, IT operations manager, Digital.

“It also better reflects who we are and what we can offer the business.”

The Knowledge Zone will provide access to digital resources and Woodside’s extensive library collection.

“It’s all about enabling the staff and adding value to the business,” she says.

“It can be regarded as the place where you can innovate, learn something new and share knowledge.”

Those Woodsiders catering for our office safety and wellbeing will also enjoy a name change.

The Perth Office Health, Safety, Environment and Security (POHSES) committee will be rebranded as '4W' –  Woodside’s Workplaces, Wellness and Wellbeing.

4W members are drawn from across the business (including Karratha) and they are currently evolving a program of work for every Woodside workplace in Australia and across the globe.

Global property manager Chris Bourne explains: “The idea is to widen the focus from HSSE in order to provide all employees with a shared understanding of wellbeing best practice.

“At the same time, we also want to encourage and support maximum usage of wellness facilities which will be made easier with our new intranet site, which will launch in Q3 2018.”

Level 14 also will be home to the main components of our security and emergency response infrastructure – including a world-class Corporate Incident Coordination Centre (CICC) – and it’s no accident that the two are housed on the same level.

“During any incident response people operate in a fast-paced and extremely dynamic environment,” says Ray Butler, general manager Security and Emergency Management.

“So we need to make sure the energy levels of our responders are maintained and they are provided with the best support possible.” 

Reservoir Management is eagerly anticipating Mia Yellagonga’s new technology environment, which will tackle many existing obstacles.

“We deal with very complex numerical models which require huge computing power,” says chief reservoir engineer Lupo Guerrera.

“This has meant engineers and geoscientists tied to large machines in fixed locations – a significant cost as well as a collaboration hurdle for the many functions with which we interact.”

But the remote computing environment available at Mia Yellagonga means processing power can be accessed by portable devices and available anywhere on campus.

“We can spend less waiting for calculations to be completed and more time communicating and aligning our insights,” Lupo points out.

Debbie Morrow, general manager global property and workplace, is keenly anticipating the move.

“We are excited to open the campus for employees and their families at two upcoming events in July and September and then to relocate everyone by early Q4 2018,” Debbie says.

Improved productivity, enablement and capabilities – that’s Woodside’s exciting future and it’s just around the corner. 

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