Careers 26 May 2020

Meet a Data Scientist

Meet Joshua, a Data Scientist based at our Mia Yellagonga office in Perth.

Joshua describes his role at Woodside as “solving tricky business problems with maths, programming, data and process knowledge”.

Joshua is a Data Scientist based at our Mia Yellagonga office in Perth. He tells us about his journey and his role at Woodside.

After studying Chemical Engineering at Curtin, I joined Woodside as a Process Engineer. My first roles were in research and development, and as an Offshore Chemist.

In 2015, I began to form a keen interest in data science and started building the required skills in my own time. 

I was able to showcase these skills through volunteering opportunities at Woodside. I kicked off Woodside’s CoderDojo program with other grads, helping kids to build their technology skills.

I also ran a collaborative hackathon with PathWest WA, using data science to explore improved outcomes for sepsis-related healthcare.

In 2018, I was given the opportunity to move into a role in Data Science. It’s a very challenging but enjoyable role, in which I am constantly upskilling.

This move has allowed me to use my process engineering experience and data science skills to solve problems.

I spend a lot of time working on machine learning and computer vision problems, but my main passion is process engineering optimisation.

Woodside has given me the opportunity to undertake rewarding work with a group of highly talented individuals.

If I could offer advice to anyone looking to apply for work at Woodside, it would be to demonstrate where you have developed skills beyond what you were taught at University.

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My day:

05:40 – Wake up, make a cup of coffee, and practice piano.

06:30 – Run to the office along the Swan River.  

07:15 – Arrive at the impressive end-of-trip facilities and get ready for work.

07:30 – I have a couple of ideas on how to crack a tricky process engineering problem I was working on yesterday. When I get to my desk, I spend some time testing these ideas out. They don’t quite work, but they do give me a couple more ideas!

09:30 – I catch up with our team’s cloud architect to sketch designs for a machine learning solution we’ve been building.

12:00 – I share lunch with the rest of the Data Science team on the comfy chairs in the collaboration zone, then go for a quick walk before getting back to work.

12:45 – While on my walk, I came up with another idea that I think might have cracked the process engineering problem – I code up my solution and put the findings in a report.

15:00 – I catch up with a process engineer co-worker. We grab a whiteboard and discuss the findings. It looks like the solution holds water, but now we need to figure out how to put the solutions into practice.

16:15 – I finish up the last of my tasks for the day and catch the bus home.