Graduates and students 26 Jul 2023

Day in the life of a finance graduate

Meet Lance, a Finance Graduate

A career at Woodside can take you in many different directions. We asked some of our graduates to share their story.


My day usually begins with me waking up around 6:00am and getting ready to head into work. I am currently located just outside the Perth CBD, so my commute generally takes about 30 minutes. After a stretching session and a hot shower, I am ready to get the day started. As I head to the bus stop before commuting into the city, I generally listen to some music or read a book to clear the headspace before a big day. This morning I was greeted by a lovely sunrise through the Perth skyline.


Arriving at Mia Yellagonga, I proceed to the lifts and head up to level 26 greeting my fellow Woodsiders along the way. My first task always consists of opening my scheduler and planner to understand my obligations and tasks throughout the day. Today's agenda consists of analysing forecasted pricing markers to provide to the Marketing function, supporting the development of a new budgeting system, and liaising with my manager for my mid-year performance.


After clearing emails and completing some tasks, it is time for one of the highlights of the day - coffee! As a staple, I traditionally head to Elixir which makes some of the best coffee on the Terrace. Accompanying me today is John who has recently returned from Europe. He has years of global experience within the Oil & Gas industry, and we discuss how his role at Woodside has grown and developed.


After a few more hours of work, it's time for lunch. After flicking Imran a quick teams message, we meet at the lifts before walking across St. George's Terrace into QV1. On the menu today is a chicken katsu don from Zensaki, the most popular Japanese restaurant in the area. Since it was raining, we grab our food and head back to level 2 at Woodside to enjoy our lunch. 


Finishing up a few more tasks, I meet up with my desk buddy Craig to brainstorm ideas on our new budgeting system Anaplan. I originally moved into the Financial Planning & Analysis team in February, with one of my key deliverables as supporting the implementation of Anaplan. This system will enable our counterparts in Houston as part of Woodside and BHP's merger to operate under one budgeting system.


At 4:00pm I meet up with a fellow Finance Graduate Alex to discuss about the Chartered Accountants program. As part of the Finance graduate program, Woodside supports learning and development which includes the accreditation of our Chartered Accountancy. I am currently halfway through the program, where Alex and I will be taking Data Analytics in the next term of study.


Leading into the late afternoon I aim to close out most of my outstanding tasks for the day. Finishing off a couple more tasks and sending off a few more emails then and I'm done for today.


One of my favourite parts of the day consist of the gym. I am currently a member of the Woodside gym which enables me to train straight after work which saves a lot of time. The biggest benefits of the Woodside gym are that it's filled quality and well-maintained equipment, without the businesses of a commercial gym. 


After commuting from the city, I usually arrive home around 7:30pm/8:00pm. I usually take this time to spend time with family over a nicely cooked dinner. We talk about the highlights of our day and anything interesting that's popped up.


At this late hour I begin to unwind and relax by either watching a show on Netflix or running through NBA highlights on YouTube. After this I usually read a book to switch off from any technology. I am currently reading Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins which is great food for thought. After half an hour of reading I begin getting ready for bed. Ready to start it all again tomorrow.

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