Graduates and students 07 Jul 2021

A day in the life of Project Engineer

Meet Anthony, a Gradaute Project Engineer at Woodside.

A career at Woodside can take you in many different directions. We asked some of our graduates to share a glimpse of what their typical work days look like. 

Here's a day in the life of Anthony, Graduate Project Engineer.

About Anthony

Role: Graduate Project Engineer

University: Curtin University

Degree: Construction Management (Honours)

A typical day

7:00 am

My days usually start with me getting to the office around 7. I enjoy being in a little early as the office is quiet and it allows me to get organised with few distractions.

As a Project Engineer, my days can vary a great deal, something I really enjoy. I could have a quieter day where I am able to get stuck into project deliverables.  Or it could be a day full of meetings to engage both internal and external stakeholders on the various aspects that contribute to a successful project. This could be be technical detail, regulatory compliance or cost - the list goes on!

9:00 am

A part of my role is to be the risk focal point for the projects I’m working on. This requires me to have monthly meetings with risk owners to discuss the causes and the controls we can implement. It’s a great way for me to develop a deep understanding of each of my projects and appreciate the challenges moving forward. 

1:00 pm

I have a fortnightly meeting for two projects I am working on. These meetings bring together a wide range of stakeholders including environment, drilling, subsea, project services and regulatory compliance. 

Projects at Woodside need to go through a series of gate reviews in order to progress. Our multi-disciplinary team works closely together to deliver the project through to the next review. 

3:00 pm

Early afternoon is a great time to get work done. I focus on closing actions from meetings and get stuck into larger deliverables like the Project Execution Plan.  This is a comprehensive document which defines how the project will be delivered and what inputs are required. 

5:00 pm

Living close to the city is great as it allows me to get home quickly for some down time before heading out to dinner or doing my own thing which is usually cooking and a movie with my roommate.

Both of us are avid foodies and travellers, so we often end up discussing where we want to go next. COVID may have delayed future trips but it doesn’t stop us planning!


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