Graduates and students 07 Jul 2021

A day in the life of a Cloud Engineer

Meet Lu, a Gradaute Cloud Engineer at Woodside.

A career at Woodside can take you in many different directions. We asked some of our graduates to share a glimpse of what their typical work days look like. 

Here's a day in the life of Lu, Graduate Cloud Engineer.

About Lu

Role: Graduate Cloud Engineer

University : The University of Melbourne

Degree: Masters of Information Technology (Distributed Computing)

A typical day

6:25 am

Usually, I wake up a few minutes earlier than my alarm clock.  I need to get out of my warm quilt quickly because time is of the essence! 

8:00 am

I arrive at work and say good morning to my manager, and we chat about the AWS (Amazon Web Services) event we hosted yesterday. It was a full-day training event, and we were helping people get a better insight on the AWS Cloud and get involved with some hands-on labs.

We discuss our next big event – the AWS Game Day. This AWS game day will be a competition, which will target people who have some AWS experience and are passionate about exploring more in the cloud.

9:00 am

We have a stand-up meeting and go through the open job tickets. Tickets are how we assign tasks to our team members and it's a good opportunity to hear what everyone is working on.

9:30 am

After the stand-up meeting, I go back to my seat and continue to work on a project to clean up our cloud environment.  I have created a script to tag and migrate data that is required and a script to delete the data that is no longer necessary.

But if I am to run the script for over 200 AWS accounts across the whole organisation, I need to automate the whole process. I'm tossing up two solutions, so I chat to my technical coach on which way is better.

We brainstorm on a whiteboard and come up with a neat solution. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job - every day I gain knowledge from my team that I can directly utilise. 

12:00 pm

I have lunch with my friend who is a graduate in the Digital function. We chat about our work and life. We also plan to make a sukiyaki at her place on the weekend. I already feel excited about it!

3:00 pm

I have a meeting with another three cloud engineers. This meeting is to discuss about the solution architecture for another project in the team. I get to learn a lot about our current security system architecture in the cloud.

4:15 pm

It's home time. I pack up my bag and say goodbye to everyone. When I arrive home, the roses I planted are blooming!


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