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Woodside Scitech Science Awards

Woodside celebrates enthusiasm for science

Woodside celebrates enthusiasm for science

The annual Woodside Scitech Science Awards recognise two graduating Year 6 students, from each participating school, who show a talent and enthusiasm for science lessons throughout the year.

In total 783 primary schools across the state registered for the awards this year, meaning almost 1,600 students will receive a special prize pack at their graduation assembly. As well as presenting a motivating end-of-year goal for graduating primary school students, the Awards also promote an overall awareness of the importance and relevance of science education.

 Calvin Teo and Aisha Burns from Ardross Primary school with their certificates, presented by Woodside's Corporate Affairs Manager Communities, Yvette Manolas; WA's 2016 Early Career Scientist of the Year, Dr Scott Draper and Scitech's CEO Alan Brien.

"Woodside is proud to support Scitech on initiatives such as the Woodside Scitech Science Awards," says Yvette Manolas, Corporate Affairs Communities Manager. "Skills gained from science and STEM-based subjects encourage young people to question the world around them, and to think rationally and independently."

Megan O'Sullivan, Woodside Scitech Science Award Coordinator, is enthusiastic about the initiative: "It's fantastic to see such a strong focus on STEM in Western Australian schools, with more teachers actively tackling problems of STEM disengagement and recognising their top students," she said. "We hope that through this award, students will be encouraged to continue developing their science investigation skills in high school and beyond, and maybe go on to achieve great things."

"It is really motivating to see so many young kids interested in science and it is a privilege to explain to them the work that I get to enjoy doing every day because of the excellent STEM opportunities I had during my time at School and University," said Dr Draper, 2016 Woodside Early Career Scientist award winner. "I personally find it very reassuring to see such a conscious effort to support STEM in WA schools. As a consequence I am sure that during my career many of the students I met today will enter into STEM professions and I am excited to see what new ideas they will bring with them."

To find out how to get involved in the awards, click here.



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