People and community 19 Mar 2019

Teach for Australia partnership

Empowering communities in the Pilbara and West Kimberley with outstanding teachers, leaders and mentors.

This year Woodside is excited to enter a new partnership with Teach For Australia (TFA) to help empower communities in the Pilbara and West Kimberley with outstanding teachers, leaders and mentors through TFA’s Leadership Development Program.

Woodside CEO Peter Coleman said the partnership with Teach for Australia builds on a decade of investment in academic opportunities for secondary students in the Pilbara. “Educational leaders told us that building school capacity was important for student outcomes, and Teach For Australia is tenacious in pursuit of that goal.  We are proud to be part of this program that supports the development of students and the teachers that lead and inspire them,” he said.

All Leadership Development Program participants are university graduates at a minimum, and teach their previous area of study at secondary schools serving low socio-economic communities, all filling existing teaching vacancies.  Associates complete their Masters of Teaching in partnership with the Australian Catholic University while working in their placement school. They benefit from ongoing leadership training throughout their first two years from a dedicated leadership coach, school mentor and academic support to ensure that they are equipped with the foundational skills needed to empower their students towards improved academic outcomes.

The program is highly valued as a pipeline for new teachers into the education system, and as a way for exceptional individuals to share their knowledge, passion and drive with those who can benefit from it the most.

This partnership will help enable people such as Kerry Veitch share their passion and skills where they are needed most. Kerry joined Karratha Senior High School this year as a first year Associate in the Leadership Development Program.

“Throughout my career I’ve been committed to working towards social change, empowering clients and enhancing their wellbeing. I’d now like to continue to do this through education, which I think is the greatest platform available to close the opportunity gap many students face.  I hope to combine my Social Work skills with my knowledge and passion for Environmental Science to offer students a holistic, meaningful and engaging approach to education,” said Kerry.

Ms Veitch worked as a social worker for eight years before applying to Teach For Australia, and also has a Master’s Degree in Ecological Management and Conservation Biology.  She will teach STEM (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Environmental Science) at Karratha Senior High School.

For more information visit the Teach for Australia website here.

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