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Meet a Graduate Contracts Adviser

Meet Mia, a Graduate Contracts Adviser

A career at Woodside can take you in many different directions. We asked some of our graduates to share their story.

Your Name: Mia

Your Job Title: Graduate Contracts Advisor – Global Wells and Seismic

University Attended: The University of Western Australia

Degree qualification: Bachelor of Commerce – Economics

Year of graduation: 2019

What's your job about?

My area of responsibility is the Contract Management of the contracts falling under the Global Wells and Seismic team, focusing on both Wells Services and Equipment activities, which covers both Drilling and Completion work.

As a Contract Advisor in the GWS team, my role is to work with the business, i.e., engineers involved in the Drilling and Completions activities, and work with them to establish relevant contracts with suppliers contractors. In the Global Wells and Seismic team, these can be contracts for Drill Bits, Cementing or Engineering Services, or any other activities required for the rigs to be able to complete their operations. Every contract we work to create can be established differently. It could be established via a competitive tender package, or RFQ to multiple contractors who can potentially perform the work –Or it could be sole sourced to one contractor. It all depends on the type of scope which is required. Every day is different depending on what stage of the contracting process we are in. We could still be in the tender phase where we are reviewing proposals, and actively negotiating the terms of the contract with the contractors. This phase can take the longest! We could be in the execution phase and selecting a successful contractor to award the contract to (sometimes this can be multiple). Or we could be in the post-award phase, where we are managing the contract.  This can include variations or amendment to the contract after it has been awarded.

What's your background?

I grew up in Dongara, so a very small country town. I went to school in Geraldton and travelled to and from Dongara every day (along with a lot of other kids). I use to sleep on the bus every day!. But growing up in a country town was great and had a lot of perks. We had a lot of freedom, sport was always the highlight of the week, and living next to the beach was always great.  I applied online for the Graduate Development Program in 2019, and was successful. I always thought you had to have previous work experience, or have completed the Vacation Program, but that’s not the case. This is my third year at Woodside, so I am at the end of my Graduate Program now. 

We are also a global team, so it can also mean working with our teammates in Houston to help on projects in the Americas, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago. 


Could someone with a different background do your job?

Yes! A lot of people think you need a Law degree to be able to do this role however that’s not the case. If you do have a law degree, that could be beneficial, however you can be just as successful without one. Majority of this role is learning on the job. I don’t think any degree can ready you for this! If you are interested in the contracting process or has business degree and is willing and interested to learn, then this is absolutely the role for you.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

I love the breadth of work in my job! From contracts for small materials or services, to pieces of work worth tens of millions (even hundreds of millions) of dollars, you can see the magnitude of Woodside’s operations, and how significant the work is that you’re completing. Knowing I’m trusted within my team to manage some of these pieces of work which are critical for Woodside’s operations, highlights the confidence my team and Woodside has in my ability.

What are the limitations of your job?

We can bear a lot of responsibility in terms of we are trusted to make our own independent decisions, which can have a significant result on the outcomes. In saying that, I have an extremely supportive team and manager, so I know I would have the support to bounce my ideas of, before deciding. Sometimes this role can be very stressful. It can be quite demanding from the business and is often reactive, rather than tasks being planned, so depending at what stage we are in, in the contracting process, it can be quite stressful. There are not many times I have to work overtime, or outside standard hours. I have a great work-life balance. But there are some periods of time where this may be necessary, so work can flow up and down.

3 pieces of advice for your university-self.

  1. Do not stress about what job you are going to get when you finish university! There are so many jobs out there, and it will take time to find out what you enjoy doing. It might mean you change roles a few times, or even change companies – it’s okay! If the first job you have isn’t your ideal role, don’t panic. It is all a learning experience and can be beneficial down the line.
  2. Your University scores do not matter as much as you think they do! Absolutely reach your potential, but that is not what you’re scored on in interviews. It’s a mix of organisational fit, your willingness to learn, and interest in the role, so if you are not the top of your class, that’s okay.
  3. Have fun! University is your last time in life before working the ‘9-5’and having commitments. Enjoy the most of it. 

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