Scarborough News 05 Jul 2024

Local business spotlight: Karratha Signs

Karratha Signs is the epitome of a successful local business. Started by Jed and Suzy Griffiths in 1999 in the third bedroom of their home, they have grown to be an award-winning enterprise that operates from premises in Karratha and Port Hedland.

They provide a diverse range of high-quality, large industrial, mining, commercial and marine signage, as well as design and signage services for small business customers, and they are proud supporters of local organisations, contributing to charities, schools, community and sporting groups.

Karratha Signs have designed and manufactured an array of site entry, safety and wayfinding signage for the Pluto Train 2 Project and have been vendors with Woodside since 2022.

Working with Karratha Signs provides Woodside with premium products suited to the Pilbara . The company invests in top-of-the-range equipment to ensure a professional, high-quality result every time.

Utilising local businesses who understand the areas in which Woodside operates ensures the best possible standards and expertise on the job.

Bechtel have also employed the services of Karratha Signs which includes artwork prints, essential equipment signage, building signs, maps, and banners. The friendly, professional, and accommodating staff consistently ensure high quality signage.

Terry Klowss, Bechtel’s Site Manager for Pluto Train 2 said, “Partnering with Karratha Signs allows us to have quick and reliable access to critical signage on site while supporting and investing in a local business. Karratha Signs continue to provide a reliable and experienced service throughout the project.”

Jed Griffiths said there was a sense of community among the employees on the Pluto Train 2 project.

“We work closely with many different people throughout the company to provide locally made signage that suits their individual requirements. Every member we’ve spoken to has been open-minded to new signage ideas and eager to assist in the process,” Jed said.

“The Pluto Train 2 contract has enabled us to open our doors to more clients – both big and small. We’ve been able to demonstrate the depth of our professionalism to other high-end customers and ultimately expand our client base.

“Many of our clients in the resources and construction sectors rely on us to provide critical safety signage. Our services are constantly evolving to take advantage of the latest techniques, and to meet the needs of our customers.”

The Scarborough Energy Project

The Scarborough Energy Project will provide a boost to the WA economy and communities, growing jobs and bringing work through the supply chain. The project is also supporting investment in education, training and jobs.   

A second processing train, Pluto Train 2, is being constructed within the existing Pluto LNG facility located near Karratha in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and is currently set to process about five million tonnes per annum of Scarborough gas.

The project is providing various opportunities for local businesses in Karratha. To date, with collaboration from Woodside’s Pluto Train 2 lead contractor, Bechtel, the Scarborough Energy Project has injected more than $112 million locally and contracted 75 Karratha businesses.

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