People and community 21 May 2020

Jay provides skilled support

This National Volunteer Week, we want to thank those who offer their time, skills and experience to help others, particularly as we get through COVID-19 together.

Woodside is also celebrating ten years of working together with Volunteering WA. Our programs have grown significantly in that time, with over half our workforce volunteering in 2019.

One Woodside volunteer is Integration Lead Jay Wong, who recently completed a skills-based volunteering assignment through Volunteering WA with City West Lotteries House (CWLH). CWLH is a community service organisation that provides affordable office accommodation for not-for-profits.

Jay aims to complete a skilled volunteering placement each year, and previously worked with Meerilinga on their first Reconciliation Action Plan. “I truly enjoyed working with Meerilinga and was keen to have another positive volunteering experience with CWLH.” Jay explains.

Skills-based volunteering at Woodside involves delivering against an agreed scope of work over a set period of time. Jay’s brief with CWLH was to support the organisation with a process to create a strategic plan that could guide ongoing work. “I was motivated by the idea of using my experience in strategic planning to help a not-for-profit organisation meet a specific need and deliver to their objectives.”

Jay started by engaging board members in collaborative discussions, which led to a strategic review workshop. Jay helped the team determine priorities for the year with timelines and task owners assigned for each. 

CWLH Executive Officer Tricia Slee said that her team felt Jay had played a crucial role: “Jay got everyone engaged and taking ownership of tactics and displaying renewed interest and commitment to our future. I’m hopeful that he might consider working with us again.”

Jay was inspired by the organisation’s passion in pursuing their goals and felt he made meaningful connections with everyone in the team. 

This National Volunteer Week, visit the Volunteering WA website to find out how you can get started. 

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