Local content 18 May 2018

Woodside Volunteering: Meerilinga Young Children's Foundation

Thank you to all volunteers across WA who dedicate their time to building stronger communities

Jays story

Thank you to all volunteers across WA who dedicate their time to building stronger communities

Back in 2005, Woodside became one of the first companies in Australia to introduce paid volunteering leave. Since then, the passion and enthusiasm of our employees has helped embed volunteering at Woodside. In 2017, Woodside employees contributed over 11,400 hours through our corporate volunteering program.

Jay Wong, Senior Development Engineer, is one of our many volunteering heroes. 

Meerilinga Young Children's Foundation was looking for a volunteer to help them develop and implement a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Support was needed to ensure that the objectives within the RAP were achievable, and that it would help drive positive change in the way Meerilinga delivers its services.

Jay wanted to do something to help the community. Meerlilinga needed expertise in strategic planning. This was a perfect match with great outcomes.

"We were privileged to have a volunteer who was as enthusiastic about the project as we were. Jay helped keep us on track, providing valuable guidance throughout the whole project. We can't thank him enough." – Meerilinga

The knowledge shared with Meerilinga was seen as extremely valuable and the team was very happy with the assistance received. Jay also saw and felt the benefits of his volunteering, citing that volunteering has helped him improve his adaptability, leaderships skills, awareness of wider social issues, and sense of wellbeing. He knew his work was greatly appreciated by Meerilinga. What he has done will have an ongoing positive impact for the community. We consider that a win-win!

"It was rewarding to be able to use my skills to assist a not-for-profit deliver an important project.

I also enjoyed making new connections with people outside of my industry, that share a similar passion for inclusion and equality." - Jay Wong, Woodside Volunteer.

After such a great outcome, it should be no surprise that Jay considers his volunteering experience an important one, would volunteer again, and would recommend it to his colleagues.

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