Innovation 17 Feb 2023

Innovation key to record makeover for LNG storage tank

Ever wondered how long it takes to paint a LNG storage tank that covers an area the size of more than three Olympic swimming pools, in temperatures over 30 degrees?

Well, our onshore projects team re-wrote Woodside history by working out ways to beat the heat and finish the refurbishment in a record of just 88 days – that’s half the usual time and cost.

"Due to tank sweating with high summer temperatures, the team started on the shadow sides of the tank and worked around the perimeter - so we chased the shadows throughout the day. The team also implemented a good safety learning to have multiple people move mobile scaffolds around the tank to avoid ergonomic injury," said Aaron Day, KGP's Construction Coordinator.

The North West Shelf Project uses four dome storage tanks at the Karratha Gas Plant, that are the height of a 10-storey building. They receive LNG from five processing trains. The gas is then pumped directly onto LNG cargo ships that dock at two jetties.

Each storage tank is given a facelift every eight years, which includes a high-pressure waterblast and a fresh coat of paint to prevent corrosion.

But the paint the team used was no ordinary paint. For the first time, our fabric maintenance crew and contractors used a product called Humidor on an entire LNG storage tank - LNG3 being the first.

 "Previously KGP has used 2 and 3 coat systems to paint our tanks and the transition to Humidor has provided a 50% saving against the last completed scope. Humidor reduces surface preparation requirements and has an easy application, producing high builds quickly."

 "Big shout out to Glyn Hughes and Sumo Manawanui who managed scope delivery along with the Monadelphous, Contract Resources and Applus teams."

 The next LNG storage tank to receive a birthday will be LNG2.