Indigenous 17 Sep 2020

Celebrating the Ngajarli Boardwalk Opening

Woodside CEO Peter Coleman met with Traditional Custodians, including the Murujuga Circle of Elders, during a recent trip to Karratha and Roebourne.

He was honoured to be included in the celebration of the opening of the Ngajarli Boardwalk within Murujuga National Park. 

“We value these opportunities to engage and build on our long-standing relationships with Traditional Custodians,” Peter said.

The Ngajarli Boardwalk provides improved access via a new walking trail to a culturally significant rock art site, estimated to be more than 45,000 years old. New interpretive signage along the boardwalk educates visitors about the cultural significance of the area to Traditional Custodians.

More information about the opening can be found in the September issue of the MAC Newsletter here.

Woodside CEO, Peter Coleman with Murujuga CEO, Peter Jeffries and Kevin Michel at the Ngajarli Boardwalk Opening. Photo courtesy of Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation.


Woodside CEO, Peter Coleman met with MAC Circle of Elders at the MAC offices. Elders from bottom right: Pansy Hick, Tootsie Daniel, Tim Douglas, Lawrence Kerr, Terry Dale, Jimmi Horace, Peter Cooper. Photo courtesy of Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation.

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