Careers 31 Aug 2020

Meet Jason

Jason is a Noongar Mirning man.

What did you study and why?

I studied a Bachelor of Business at ECU, majoring in management and minoring in marketing, and a Master of Professional Accounting at UWA. My dad began a small explorational drilling company when I was young, one of the first indigenous owned drilling company’s in Australia. I worked with him for a few years whilst I studied and enjoyed it a lot. He is a big inspiration to me and was the reason that I became interested in businesses. I chose to study business and accounting so that I was able to better understand how a business operates. I’ve also always been good with numbers, so it was a no-brainer.

What was your pathway into Woodside (SVP, Grad Program)?

I first joined Woodside through the Summer Vacation Program (SVP) in the Finance function. The SVP at Woodside was my first internship experience, and I enjoyed every second of it. The program allowed me to experience what is was like working at a large corporation. It gave me invaluable experience through real-world projects, such as a Finance budgeting project that I took part in, as well as awesome support from my immediate team and Woodside as a whole.

 Even though I had little experience in the Finance field, I never felt out of place. People were always there to help whenever I had questions and I was always learning. And I didn’t feel alone – all the other vacation students with me were in the same boat. It was also a great opportunity to meet others – I made a tonne of mates.

What made you sign up for a student pathway into Woodside?

I went to a careers fair at my university and saw the Woodside stand. At the time I knew little about Woodside or how I would be able to add value to the company. So I did some research about the company and industry and decided to apply for the program - I haven’t looked back.

Tell us about one thing you have learnt or are proud of about your journey through our student pathway into the role you are in?

One of the things I’m proud of on my journey is taking any opportunity that came my way. I was shy when growing up and never took advantage of anything that was presented to me. In the second half of university, I decided to change that around – I began with volunteering opportunities, attending university networking events and applying to Woodside. Although it was daunting for me at first, I learnt that taking opportunities was one of the best ways to help develop my career and skills, and I wouldn’t be happy and in the position I’m in now without doing so. Woodside is a company full of opportunity, so I recommend taking it.

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Woodside is committed to providing employment and training opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. 

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