Case Study: Karratha Community House

Case Study - Karratha Community House

Operating since the 1990s, Karratha Community House is a not-for-profit, community-driven organisation whose mission is to connect families through play-based learning.   

In 2023, Woodside and its joint venture partners in the North West renewed this partnership for a further three years. The renewal builds on 15 years of support for the organisation, which delivers key outcomes for families and helps support a sustainable and vibrant local community.    

The partnership with Karratha Community House supports the delivery of two early childhood learning programs:

  • Once Upon a Time is an early literacy program, targeting children up to the age of 5. Running successfully since 2009, the program aims to facilitate early learning and interest in literacy for children under five years old.   
  • Ready, Set, School is a program that aims to build school readiness in three-year-old children (children who will be transitioning into pre-school the following year). The program offers a diverse range of play-based learning activities that help prepare children for a smooth transition to school, by teaching the basics of routines, independence and following instruction. The program also assists families with positive separation and gives both children and carers a valuable insight into what to expect as they start their journey into formal education.  

As the need for early learning and childcare resources in Karratha continues to grow, this partnership continues to provide essential support to the community. Karratha Community House Chairperson, Niamh Herd said she is a grateful for the commitment from Woodside and its joint venture partners.     

“The partnership has enabled us to positively impact the lives of over 1,000 children through Ready, Set, School and countless other families who have been part of the Once Upon a Time program.     

“The dedication to our community through the partnership has truly made a difference, and we look forward to continuing our shared journey towards a brighter future,” she said.